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Chase your dream, WILLDO is a way. 2021.10

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    During  National Day holiday, our company organized a very meaningful activity.Our staff and some of their families drove 400 kilometers from Changsha to a remote town in western Hunan.

    Do a little help,will courage the left behind children. what they need is not only the basic things,but also care and love. Our Willdo company donated more than 2000 pcs of books to the hope primary school in Zhijiang. We also visited two families with life supplies and study stationery. They did not say much, but I can read gratitude in their eyes. Everyone should have a dream and have the right to chase it.  Some children may lack attention from parents and others, making them feel that the world is disappointing.  Willdo wants to tell them with practical actions, as long as there is a direction, the road to success is on the foot. 

    We are glad to make positive impact that can benefit the people in needs,that means a lot to us.